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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

No matter where you come from, what's in your wallet, or who you love, everyone deserves to thrive. Too many of our families are struggling, and too many communities are overlooked. California must lead the way with progressive policies that put people first.

Entertainment Jobs

Our district is home to thousands who work in the entertainment industry and more who depend on its success. Production jobs support our families and are fundamental to our LA economy. I am committed to pursuing stronger incentives to stop runaway production and as a SAG-AFTRA member I will always put our union workers first, and fight to keep our jobs here in LA where they belong!

Housing and Homelessness

We must address homelessness with urgency and compassion when so many are struggling. We need more temporary, affordable and permanent supportive housing, and end street encampments. We need to invest in mental health and substance use treatment, job training and employment services. We also need to prevent homelessness by supporting renters and making homeownership more affordable and attainable.


Climate Change is the single most important issue facing humanity today. It is an existential crisis that hits our poorest and marginalized neighbors the hardest. We must act aggressively and act now to protect our planet and our future. I support a Green New Deal for an equitable transition to clean energy sources that creates and supports union jobs.

Health Care

Health care is a human right and what's in your wallet shouldn't determine the care you receive. Too many families in our community are one illness away from financial ruin. Medicare for All is the solution. I’ll pass CalCare and champion increased health care funding, including to address the epidemic of opioid addiction and increase mental health services for all members of our community.


A quality fully funded education from Pre-K through college should be a right for all. While Republicans are banning books, banning curriculum, and engaging in culture wars that are putting our kids at risk, we need to be leaders in education. That means funding our under-resourced schools, and giving teachers the pay, benefits, and training they need to succeed. I will always put kids first.

Equity and Inclusion

Our communities are coping with structural racism in our institutions and the rise of hate and we must protect those that are under attack. I started organizing alongside LGBTQIA+, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Jewish, and Armenian activists, and I continue to support their work in solidarity with all of our shared and unique goals. I will always work to protect our freedoms and fight back against hate.

Gun Safety

Gun deaths are the leading cause of death for children! How is this acceptable in any society? While we have some of the strongest gun laws in the country, it is not enough. We must do everything we can to keep our communities safe, and California must lead. I have worked alongside Mom’s Demand, Giffords, March for Our Lives and others, and I will champion gun safety legislation that saves lives!

Criminal Justice

We must do a better job of supporting our communities from within and providing resources for early intervention, mental health and social support. I support evidence based policing and criminal justice reforms that reduce crime, invests in rehabilitation and anti-recidivism, and addresses our communities needs with compassion and efficacy.