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We support Steve!

We are strongly supporting
Steve Pierson for CA Assembly AD44

Local leaders are standing with Steve!
Photo of Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta

Civil Rights Icon

Photo of <p>Barbara Boxer</p>

Barbara Boxer

Former US Senator

Photo of Emiliana Guereca

Emiliana Guereca

Women’s March LA


  • Dolores Huerta, Civil Rights and Labor Icon

  • Barbara Boxer, Former US Senator

  • Christy Smith, Former Assemblymember

  • Emiliana Guereca, Founder - Women’s March LA

  • Kipp Mueller, CA State Senate Candidate

  • Ed Begley Jr., Actor / Environmental Activist

  • Jason Berlin, Founder - Field Team 6

  • Santiago Mayer, Founder - Voters Of Tomorrow

  • Susie Shannon, DNC and SEIU 2015

  • Garry Shay, DNC Member

  • Derek Devermont, DNC Member

  • Aaron McCall, CA Environmental Voters

  • Sion Roy, Santa Monica College Trustee

  • Sarah Jakle, Founder - Democra-She

  • Gina Belafonte, Founder - Sankofa

  • Lindsay Imber, President - Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council

  • Suzanne Lewis, Valley Village Neighborhood Council

  • Dorothy Apple, Valley Village Neighborhood Council

  • Daryl Baskin, Valley Village Neighborhood Council

  • James Askew, VP - NoHo Neighborhood Council

  • Andrew Taban, Chair - Santa Clarita Valley Democrats

  • Cindy Kalman, VP - Valley Grassroots for Democracy

  • Michelle Finocchi, Co-Founder & CMO - Swing Left

  • Ethan Todras-Whitehill, Co-Founder - Swing Left

  • Scott Forman, Founder - Vote Forward

  • Naomi Goldman, CA Dem Party Delegate

  • Becky Hartman Edwards, Civic Sundays

  • Rebecca Ninburg, Swing Left Los Feliz

  • Tamara Melzer Levenson, ED - Grassroots Dem HQ

  • Melissa Grant, President - Grassroots Dem HQ

  • Brian Colker, CFO - Grassroots Dem HQ

  • Susan Sheu, CA Dem Party Delegate

  • Carolyn Chriss, Founder - East Valley Indivisible

  • Suju Vijayan, Co-Leader - East Valley Indivisible

  • Tiffany Countryman, CA Dem Party Delegate / Indivisible AV

  • Michelle Manire Fowle, CA Dem Party Delegate / Northridge Indivisible

  • Colleen Toumayan, CA Dem Party Delegate / Northridge Indivisible

  • Torie Osborn, Progressive Activist

  • Sandra Cordero, ED - Women's Democracy Lab

  • Jane Wishon, Chair - Westside Democrats HQ

  • Cheryl Auger, President - Ban SUP

  • Jessica Craven, CA Dem Party Delegate and Activist

  • Steven Roy Martin, CA Dem Party Delegate

  • Domi Pituro, CA Dem Party Delegate

  • Chad Kampbell, CA Dem Party Delegate

  • Andrew Truman Kim, Chair - Innovation & Sustainability PAC

  • Michael Swords, Board Member - Climate Resolve

  • Jennifer Fernandez Ancona, Founder - Way to Win

  • Sarah Ellenberg, Co-ED LAW Project of LA

  • John Casselberry, Trustee - Stanislaus Union School District

  • Carmen Chang, Commissioner - El Pueblo de Los Angeles

  • Wayne Liebman, Founder - SoCal Blue

  • Michele Reed, SEIU Local 2015 Organizer

  • *Titles are for identification purposes


  • Women’s March Los Angeles

  • Ban SUP (Ban Single Use Plastics)